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Missing boy's secret online life reveals shocking clues: TYLER STICE | Unsolved Mystery Documentary

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In 2020, we conducted our own investigation into the unsolved mystery of Tyler Stice. While digging into the mysterious cold case, we uncovered Tyler’s secret online life : as well as what we discovered next was utterly shocking. In the true crime documentary, we’re unveiling all of the details we’ve found which have never been revealed in front of. Years later, Tyler Stice’s case remains unsolved. Despite police detectives digging into the missing persons case, no physical evidence pointing to Tyler’s whereabouts has ever turned up. Will the mystery ever be solved? Was some sort of heinous crime committed, or did Tyler have wrapped up into something much bigger than he ever could have anticipated? With all of the completely new information comes an entire slew of completely new theories, but until Tyler Stice is found, the case remains unsolved. Join us for a true crime storytime covering the missing persons case of Tyler Stice.

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