IMVU Tips for Beginners

Credits HACK

Do you like to play fantasy? Well, some smart phones can be the best to show their true imagination. There are many games, and IMVU is one of them to try. This is one of the most popular games for iOS, Android and web browsers. It has millions of downloads on both, and you can start downloading now.

You can play the game where you need to create an account and register to play the game. Being freemium does not mean that it is completely free. You may need to spend money, because there are purchases in the app that may prompt you to spend money. Yes, there is a virtual currency, which is a credit. This is important, and you also need to spend time on it.

When I played this game, I had a lot of problems with its build. However, IMVU hack helped me to get unlimited credits in the game and now; I easily move forward. It’s easy and one of the best options that you can count on.

Credits HACK

Tips for collecting credits

Developers offer a variety of ways to earn credits, and they are all very useful and easy when the tips are completely focused. With credits, you can access the premium features of the game so you can easily complete your fantasy. Methods –

  1. Daily Spin is the easiest way and is considered one of the best features. This can help in many ways, since you will use 15 to 20 credits in a one-time mode. This is really useful, because it can work wonders with currency. There is a free round, and you can get enough of it as if you were lucky. This is the most widely used method of lending, and it played an important role. Even on the shirt there are shirts, and when you land on the shirt, it will be added to your collection.
  2. With the IMVU App – an excellent alternative for obtaining a credit IMVU App, which can effectively provide a decent amount. To effectively earn credits, open application IMVU, and here you can complete surveys and several more things. There will be download applications that will give you a large number of credits every time you install them. Do it all every day and try the application for smartphones to get easy access.
  3. Purchases in the app. The last and most used method is the purchase in the application, but only the rich use it. Here you can find a better alternative. Yes, you can try the IMVU Hack, which is a much better and more reliable option. Thousands of players use it.

To be a better player, try to interact with others in a lucrative and interactive manner, and you also need to earn credits. If you feel stuck with credits, do not worry and do not use cheats. Now everything will be easier.

Creating an avatar

The most important thing in this game is to create an account. After that, you need to come up with an excellent avatar. Creating a good avatar can take a long time, but you can easily create one of the best in many ways. From choosing a color tone to the eyes you need to use imagination. However, you can follow a few simple tips to get rid of everyone.

1. First of all, you must focus on the avatar’s name. This name will be your user ID. Simply by choosing the name of a good avatar, other users easily read it. Being a friend using a good name is easy and useful.

2. Next is to choose hair. Just look in the mirror, if you love your own haircut, then find such styles. Choosing a fashionable style makes you better.

3. You need to choose the type of nose, shape and other things. Go with a normal size that looks good and is suitable for an avatar.

4. The very next – the lips. A normal size with a decent color will make it better. Large size can make it strange or uncomfortable

5. The whole form of the body is next to where you need to focus on the right size, and everything that your mind says can be wrong. Just close your eyes and imagine. This will help you choose the right one.

 IMVU Cheat Code Commands For PC

Enter the IMVU cheat code commands listed below to earn the bonus.  Some of the commands are only available for female avatars, and vice versa.  Our favorite is the Banana.  You’ll change for a few seconds then turn back.  Banana power!

Sometimes does strange things to avatar *use 15
Abby Shirt Goochee *use 293
Abby Shirt Jam *use 294
Abby Shirt Morbo *use 295
Abby Shirt Night *use 296
Abby Shirt Snow *use 297
Amber eyebrows *use 131
Amber eyes *use 151
Baby T Black Estupido *use 163
Baby T IMVU *use 167
Baby T Pink Pooch *use 164
Baby T Sky Splash *use 166
Background Circle Snow Mountain *use 129
Baggy Hoodie Good Mornin’ (male) *use 214
Baggy Hoodie Midnight (male) *use 215
Baggy Hoody Special Man (male) *use 216
Baggy Hoody Sunset (male) *use 217
Baggy T Green IMTV (male) *use 185
Baggy T Orange Matto (male) *use 186
Banana *use 2001
Black eyebrows *use 132
Blond eyebrows *use 133
Blond eyebrows (male) *use 146
Blue eyes *use 149
Blue/yellow square room *use 127
Bright blue eyes *use 150
Brown eyebrows (male) *use 147
Brunette eyebrows *use 130
Buhrown Long Cargoes *use 285
Cargo Shorties Blue Plaid *use 168
Cargo Shorties Camo Frog *use 169
Cargo Shorties Crete *use 170
Cargo Shorties Drab *use 171
Cargo Shorties Mykonos *use 172
Cargo Shorties Santorini *use 173
Daisy Oxford Chocolate *use 235
Daisy Oxford Grass *use 236
Daisy Oxford NPG *use 237
Daisy Oxford Peppermint *use 238
Daisy Oxford Spring *use 227
Dark umber eyes *use 154
Day after eyes *use 155
Drab Long Cargoes *use286
Female avatar *use 80
Green hazel eyes *use 156
Hip Huggiz Denim *use 232
Hip Huggiz Flash *use 233
Hip Huggiz Raysa *use 234
Homey Pants Chelsea (male) *use 188
Homey Pants Tribeca (male) *use 189
Homey Pants Village (male) *use 190
Kick Limelight (male) *use 181
Kickaz Boots Curb (male) *use 218
Kickaz Boots Grate (male) *use 220
Kickaz Boots Pavement (male) *use 221
Kickaz Boots Zap (male) *use 222
Kicks Paladium (male) *use 182
Kicks Tunnel (male) *use 183
Kicks Webster Hall (male) *use 184
Light brown eyebrows (male) *use 144
Light brown eyebrows (male) *use 145
Light green eyes *use 157
Liz eyes *use 158
Long Shorts Camo (male) *use 210
Long Shorts Denim (male) *use 211
Long Shorts Khaki (male) *use 212
Long Shorts Zap (male) *use 213
Male avatar *use 191
Marla amber *use 160
Marla black *use 159
Marla blond *use 161
Marla Brunette *use 162
Nilla Long Cargoes *use 287
Pericolo Pants Chase *use 289
Pericolo Pants Harley *use 290
Pericolo Pants Kitty *use 291
Pericolo Pants Oi! *use 292
Purple T- shirt with pooch *use 12
Rider Gloves Black (male) *use 178
Rider Gloves Drivin’ (male) *use 179
Rider Gloves Gamer (male) *use 180
Runniz Atlantis *use 228
Runniz Babel *use 229
Runniz Minoa *use 230
Runniz Troy *use 231
Schick Kitaz Cobra *use 174
Schick Kitaz Magma *use 175
Schick Kitaz Supahstah *use 176
Schick Kitaz Terra *use 177
Sienna eyes *use 152
Sunny eyes *use 153
Tommy Shirt Earth *use 298
Tommy Shirt Mars *use 299
Tommy Shirt Pluto *use 300
Trip Long Cargoes *use 288
Turn into treasure chest *use 2000
Turn into loading image1 *use 2999
Turn into Pacman2 *use 90
X bloody eyes *use 148

1.Disable by putting your avi back on (found in your messenger).
2. Disable with *use 80 to become a female or *use 191 to become a male.

These things can help you develop an amazing kind of character, and it’s pretty easy to follow the clue used by many players. Then you have to earn credits that play an important role in moving faster. There are many ways to earn a good amount, but if you do not want to spend money, you can try in game methods. Or you can use IMVU credits hack that are reliable enough and help save money.