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EP 3: 8 SECRET WAYS poor people Make FREE Credits on IMVU (as told in ridiculous fashion)

Imvu Secret

Imvu Secret

Credits HACK

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This IMVU video was ridiculous as well as half the reasons I listed are the most horrible reasons ever. Was it funny, tho? Cringe.

Method 1 : Do offers like a normie
Method 2 : Scam, steal, as well as commit fraud
Method 3 : Beg like you’re desperate for virtual items
Method 4 : Do commissions for credits
Method 5 : Do the everyday spin as well as whatnot
Method 6 : Create as well as sell badges
Method 7 : Create products as well as sell them
Method 8 : Use a sketchy website together with software

The video was great, but not too great. It was just decent. Oh my gosh; the videos from here on are incredible as well as I’m quite proud of the work. Keep watching!

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IMVU | Sex Rooms?!

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IMVU contains its own economy together with a currency system founded on IMVU “credits” as well as “promo credits”. A third form of currency also existed for creators, known as “developer tokens”, which were earned when a user buys an item together with “promo-credits”. Credits could be purchased online using actual currency directly from IMVU. Credits could also be purchased on IMVU gift cards readily available from retail outlets such as department shops. The credits are being used by members to purchase virtual items like fashion pieces (hair, clothes, skins, as well as accessories), pets, as well as 3D scenes such as homes, clubs, as well as start landscapes. Furniture could also be purchased the exact same way as well as placed into unlocked spaces, but there were also spaces which have some furniture included in them as well as locked spaces which include furniture which maynot be removed.
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