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Jay Paulin was born and raised in Southwestern Ontario. From the time he could put crayon to paper, he wanted to be a storyteller. His first project was a dinosaur puppet show that earned rave reviews from his stuffed animals.

In his teens, Paulin was an accredited member of media for the Canadian Hockey League and an Ontario Hockey League franchise. Afterward, he elected to pursue a career in journalism.

After he and his family moved around Ontario in the mid-2000's, Paulin finally settled in Nova Scotia where Ink'd Well Comics burst into existence. Launching Messiah (OOP) and Faces at his first show -- Hal-Con. It is here where he met many new friends and fans, including artists with whom he has worked on subsequent releases.

Since then, Ink'd Well Comics has evolved into a small press, releasing print and web comics, and providing others an outlet for their own ideas. The brand is perhaps best known for their charity anthologies that shine a spotlight on independent creators. The three collections have thus far raised approximately $4,000 for both Child's Play and Free The Children.

Aside from writing and reading, Paulin -- now living in Alberta -- enjoys games, movies and television, music, and sports. Most of all, he enjoys being a goofy dad to his young daughter.

Ariel Marsh grew up in Moncton, New Brunswick. As a kid, she could always be found drawing or with her face buried in a book or two.

Once Ariel hit junior high, she developed a more serious interest in art, from pottery and sculpture to painting in all sorts of mediums. In college, she took Intro to Animation, and then a 3D Graphics and Design course. After leaving college, she focused on commissions, ranging from pin-ups to murals.

After moving to Nova Scotia in 2007, Ariel started to attend local conventions in the artist alleys. She soon launched her personal brand, Sweet Loots, consisting of original digital and watercolour illustrations, pet portraits, greeting cards, and some pop-culture paintings.

At Hal-Con 2010, Ariel and Jay met for the first time and soon discussed working together. They started with the poster and cover to the Ink'd Well Comics charity anthology What The Wild Things Read, and it's exploded from there.

In her downtime, Ariel enjoys playing Dungeons & Dragons and all sorts of board and video games, watching movies, listening to podcasts, and of course reading!